About Us

Our hair tells a story of where we are in life. Our strength, confidence, beauty, and even our struggles start with our hair. Our hair can set the tone for the kind of day we are going to have. And we all know how quickly the day can go left, if our hair is acting up.  Unfortunately, life happens and stress will definelty put a strain on our hair. We begin to experience hair loss, thinning edges, brittle hair, and dry scalp. Then there are times when we are not stressed but our hair can be damaged from bleached hair ( y'all know I love my color!), weaves, and scalp conditions such as eczema and alopecia. RAIN by Dominique is handmade and backed by research to stimulate hair growth, lock in moisture, and provide protection from breakage. Our all-natural ingredients are created to give you stronger, longer, beautiful hair. 

 Let’s create our new story with RAIN by Dominique!!